Monday, December 17, 2007

Deck the halls....

Finished up some decorating this weekend as well as most of my cookies.
Watched about a million Christmas movies...gosh they are all so sappy.
Oh yeah, even Little House on the Prairie had a tear jerker Christmas special!
And, of course, we had another storm this weekend. We didn't get much but some sleet...but it was enough to make things messy outside. Today we have a school delay, I can't see why, the roads are clean and dry...but here we are, waiting till it is time to go to school.


Mary Isabella said...

Cookies all my. Merry Christmas

Jenny said...

Is that your house in the top photo?
If so it is magnificent!

Simply Stork said...

wow your house is made of stone...I love it :o)

~simply stork~