Thursday, November 29, 2007

Jingle all the way

Woo hoo, another tree done. I am finding it difficult to find my decorations after they were put away last year...I don't know what kind of system I was experimenting with, but it was a complete failure. This year I need to be more organized. I couldn't find my lights for my diningroom/snowman tree, so I used mini white lights and after I had put on all the ornies I found another box with the lights! Oh bother!!! This kitchen tree required some work this year too, the lights that came on it were out and you know how it goes with those mini burned out and the whole string goes out, so I had to take them off and put new ones on...and they were attached with clips and the wire/branches were wrapped around the cords, too. It was painful! But now it is done and I am very happy with the results again this year. It is one of my favorite trees! After our real one and the snowman one, ofcourse!
I made this garland last year. I wish it were longer, but this is all I had of this material. I could make another one...but I don't have time to start another new project this holiday season...maybe next year.


Mary Isabella said...

THe trees are lovely. Mary

Jenny said...

I love your snowman tree. It is very pretty.
Thanks for your lovely comment about my trees.
Each year I get better organised with my decorations. Now I have boxes for each type of decoration, and they all go into two big plastic tubs in the garage for storage throughout the year.