Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Before and After Pantry

Before we bought this house it was set up with the top floor being used as an in-law. It was an old Italian family that lived here and the unmarried Aunt, who owned the house, lived upstairs and her brother, his wife and kids lived down. When we bought we knew that we would turn all the upstairs rooms into bedrooms and change the downstairs bedrooms into other uses. One of those rooms is my livingroom which had french doors into the family room, now it is one large room. One of those rooms is now my dining room. We took down the closet, installed a ceiling light, pulled up the rug and linoleum and painted and VOILA I have a formal diningroom. But one of the other rooms being used as a bedroom was this small room (11x9) with built-in dressers and desk.
I, again, pulled up all the carpet, scrubbed the floors, and we purchased these restaurant style wire shelving. They go floor to ceiling around the room. I also have my second fridge and my chest freezer in there. It has worked out fabulously!
Aside from all the food storage, I have been able to store all my pots and lids there neatly. I have easy access to my small appliances.
As well as using the built-ins for all my linen storage.
I painted the walls (they are not yet finished) !
Now everything has a place and is easy to get to and the room is being used. It could have been a small home office, or sewing room, but this room is really one of my most used rooms, and most appreciated. Most people (women!!!) who come to my home for the first time are envious of this room. My grandmother had a pantry and I always wished for one myself...and now I have one!


Laurie Anne said...

I'm sooooo jealous!!! I have the smallest pantry and it only holds about half of what I need it to. I want a walk in pantry so badly. I even put it on my "life goals" list. That may sound a little funny to some, but I bet a gal with a pantry like this totally gets it. Thanks for sharing the pics. You are very lucky.

Sunshine said...

Is it freaky that I want to LIVE IN YOUR PANTRY?

Green-eyed monster....grrrrr. JEALOUS!!

Mary Isabella said...

What a great pantry. To be able to walk into a room and find everything you need. How wonderful. Mary