Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Admitting I have a problem is the first step....right?

Ok then, here goes. I have a jar addiction. There, I said it. I save jars. I cannot help myself, I just cannot seem to throw them out. Last year this basket was overflowing and Dan said I had to downsize so I sat down on the floor and took them all out and got ready to part with some. After a considerable time, I was able to throw out 1! Yes, ONE!!! I couldn't bear to get rid of any others. I think it steams from my Nana, she had converted her coal cellar into storage and I can still remember all the jars she had in there. Now, I am sure that during her lifetime and living thru the depression it was necessary to save all your glass, as well as tin foil and such, but we don't live in that kind of world now and these jars can easily be recycled into new jars, but what would happen if I needed one of these beauties and I let them go? I normally store things in the fridge and pantry in glass. I prefer that over plastic. Like I prefer brown paper bags over the plastic ones. I like to use jars for mixing ingredients while cooking, like flour and water, and I also use them to hold crafting supplies. So, when I see a pretty jar in the market I see all the possibilities that jar can have with me, and I am really disappointed when manufacturers change their jars from glass to plastic. How sad!!! I even have tiny mini mason jars over the mini lights on my Christmas tree. You see, I really am a jar addict.


Janice said...

Oh Marie, How funny. I save glass jars myself. I wash spaghetti sauce jars, mayonnaise jars, any glass jars because I am like you I don't like plastic. I make my own salad dressing and use the glass jars. I have my different beans and pasta in glass jars. I just love glass jars. I especially love the gallon and 1/2 gallon ones. Every now and then I get real brave and manage to throw one away while it is still dirty but it doesn't happen often. My husbands Grandmother would save all the trays the meat came in just in case she couldn't afford paper plates. And my Grandmother would save the margarine tubs.
We do belong to a wonderful group of remarkable women who are addicted to something pleasant.


Laurie Anne said...

Totally get it, however, I have a really hard time throwing away the plastic jars. I keep all my staples in them and they are just so darn useful. I have a nice stash of empty one just waiting to be used for making gravy or dressing or something???? They are so hard to let go of (even to the recycling) :0)

bj said...

Oh, a jar addition is ok, Marie...don't fret. Just hang on to all you want....there's always a reason for our additions, I think. Sometimes, tho, it's just that we LOVE something so much, we tend to go overboard with it sometimes. Doesn't really hurt a thing, tho. I think jars are cute, too, and one day, there will be no more glass jars. everything will go into plastic...just like the Mrs. Butterworth syrup, glass bottles. Now, they are all ole, ugly plastic. So, I say, my friend, don't worry a bit about your jar addition!!