Friday, October 05, 2007

What I am thankful for

As a child I wished that I could live like "Little House on the Prairie" folks did. So simple and laid back. But then I realized that I would have to give up so much of what I take for granted.
Like, say for instance...running water. Big one, but one that we just assume will be there (as long as we pay the bill). Really, you turn on the faucet and you expect that water will come out, and better yet, if you use the left one, warm/hot water will come out with little to no effort on our part.
Or how about cooking. Turn the dial and off we go. No getting wood, starting a fire, waiting till you have enough coals to get the stove up to temperature. And if you are lucky enough to have a microwave all it take to heat water to boiling is 2 minutes!
And cleaning...don't even get me started there. I could not live without my vacuum. I do it every day, and I have 2 (one for each floor) so I don't have to drag it up and down the stairs. And a washer/dryer combo. Just throw the clothes in with some soap and fabric softener all in the beginning and VIOLA- I have clean clothes. And should it not be good enough weather for drying on the line I can just throw them into the dryer.
And I do really appreciate my dishwasher. My first home had no dishwasher (well, except me, I guess) and I lived there 15 years. When we moved into a house that we could install one I was tickled to be able to have some help with the dishes!
I appreciate my modern conveniences so much but on a daily basis take for granted that they are there. Until one acts up and needs repairing or replacing and then I am freaking out. But things like satellite TV and cell phones make each day a little easier. Imagine what it would be like if Laura Ingalls saw the conveniences of a simple slow cooker. Could she imagine putting your dinner in a crock and leaving for the day only to come home and find dinner hot and ready for you with little work on your part and you didn't even have to be home? So, I guess I will just watch "Little House" and appreciate all that living in 2007 affords me.


Laurie Anne said...

I'm thankful for A-Rod's October slump. Life is good :0)

Anonymous said...

This post gave me a good laugh. I have occasional Laura Ingalls fantasies, even though I don't even live in the right country, but then I remember all the things you pointed out PLUS we don't have to wear all that uncomfortable hot clothing in the middle of summer!