Thursday, September 13, 2007

New, new, new

This is Matthew on Labor Day at the picnic at my parents, not too bad, but his hair is a little long (ok, too long for me, I don't like long hair on boys) So I took Matthew for a haircut yesterday because we have a party this weekend and he needed to get cleaned up.
This is him this morning. Ignore the grumpy face, he is tired as he is most mornings as he gets out of bed 5 minutes before he leaves for school. He choose this haircut himself, I am so proud that he went short, he looks so much better with short hair. He was cursed with my thick hair and it is difficult enough to take care of for a woman nevermind a young man.
On another note, I am playing around with black & white photos. I need to have PhotoShop installed on my computer so I can do a lot of neat things to my pictures.

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oak wind farm said...

Matthew is quite a handsome young man. Love the haircut!