Thursday, September 20, 2007

My Anniversary gift

Have you heard of those Pandora bracelets? Well, this is similar. It is called Troll Beads ( and the concept is the same (and pandora beads fit on these bracelets, but no the other way around!). Beads/charms for special events, occasions, birthday, zodiac, whatever. I picked out the clasp and a whole bunch of beads for Dan to choose from. He picked out some winners. A lucky knot, a snowman (anyone who knows me knows how much I love snowmen!!!) and a heart (since it was our anniversary and I LOVE HEARTS!!) Now he can get me charms/beads whenever. I love it and have only taken it off to take this picture!
Can't wait to see what my next bead will be!

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oak wind farm said...

Oh, that bracelet is so special! I'll have to check out your link. Maybe I'll hint around so I can get one too! (smile!)