Saturday, September 22, 2007

How are your crops?

I mentioned before about the corn, my pumpkins and the tomatos (or lack there of this season!) but I don't think I have told you about my peppers. Each year our pepper crop grows, this year we had 4 rows of peppers and they are ready for harvesting. We have so many hot peppers each year...I roast them, make salsa, chop and freeze, freeze whole and dehydrate. In addition we give plenty away.
Today I made another HUGE batch of salsa and we have been dehydrating them like crazy. The whole house smells like hot peppers.
Dan told me that if you turn a habenero upside down it looks like a flame....a indication of the heat maybe??? Take a look for yourself...
p.s. deyhdrated peppers are great for things like chilli and sauces (like for buffalo wings) that you want to add heat to, just make your dish as you would then add the dried peppers, and heat. As it heats up the dried peppers release their oils which is where all the heat is... it really gives your dish a kick!

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