Wednesday, September 05, 2007

10 things I love about my kids...

1. Despite their constant bickering- they love each other

2. They are passionate about their causes and they have a clearly defined sense of right and wrong.
3. They are so intelligent- THEY JUST DON'T APPLY THEMSELVES. Seriously, both of them test off the charts.

4. They are good and kind to children and animals. Krista used to babysit for these 2 girls that were kicked out of several pre-schools because they are uncontrollable and had them eating out of her hands.

5. They know how to laugh! A lot! Especially at me!

6. They are creative. (See Matt is the pope, now!) They are artistic and musical! It is always different in our home. And sometimes loud!
7. They know how to behave in public. This may not seem like a huge thing, but to me it is. I get so upset when I am out somewhere (church, restaurant, grocery store, the train!) and I see out of control kids. It makes it un-enjoyable for the other people around them. Teach you children how to behave properly in public for the enjoyment and sanity of others!

8. They have dreams! Not the kind you get when you sleep at night, but for their lives. Even if those dreams may seem unobtainable, they have dreams! I want them to acheive those dreams and for them to be happy! 9. They were both great babies. Truly, I was a lucky new mom where both of my babies were concerned... they were just awesome to take care of. Good sleepers, eaters, and healthy!

10. They are mine. What more could I ask for. I love them. They are the center of my world. They are what makes me happy, sad, angry, worried, frustrated, proud, tired, and a mom!

These are my kids and I think they are kinda great!

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oak wind farm said...

I enjoyed reading this so much! Your daughter is so pretty and your son is very handsome! Heartbreakers for sure!