Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Smell that???

Smells like Fall.....I love Fall. It truly is my favorite time of year...although the end of Summer is somewhat sad. I was married in the Fall, my children were born in the Fall, I just love it. It is cool and crisp and has a smell like no other time of year. Not to mention that I can wear my sweaters...the gardens are coming to an end, too. The flowers have all gone by and there is not much left in the vegetable garden, and what is will soon need harvesting. The pool will be closed soon. The water will be just too cold to go in. Time for soups and big warm pots of food, simmering all day and making the house smell so delicious. And apples...sauce, pies, butter, dumplings and apple coffee cake. YUM! All the scents of Fall are coming. School starts soon, too. And this year my "baby" is a Junior in High School. It is so hard to believe that my time with him is so short...soon he will be off at college and he won't need his mommy.
This picture is of a table runner that my mom made me. I love it. She does such a great job quilting and I really do want to learn to quilt. I just need to get my sewing room set up and as soon as the boxes in there are back into the family room we are renovating I will paint it and bring my sewing machine and all my craft stuff up there and then I can sew and craft in peace.


Kim from "HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs" said...

Fall is a great season...I just love it, too!

I really like the table runner your mom made...looks great on your table!

oak wind farm said...

Thank you so much for the sweet post you left on my blog! That made my day!
I want to look at your blog thoroughly! Looks like we do like a lot of the same things. I just wish my house was an old colonial like your's! How wonderful!
I am adding your blog to my fav list so I can enjoy it all the time.
I am new to blogging, but looks like you have been at it for awhile now.
Anyway, I hope you will visit me again. Have a nice evening!
Carolyn @ Oak Wind Farm

Laurie Anne said...

Yup, there is something about the way fall smells. Truly wonderful :0)