Friday, August 03, 2007


Don't you hate it when the network powers that be decide to cancel a show either midseason on while it is on summer hiatis...thereby leaving you hanging waiting to see what happens to the characters you watched all season and then in the season finale (which usually leaves some kind of cliff hanger!!!). It has happened to several of the shows I enjoyed watching lately. Like this one:
American Dreams
We enjoyed watching this show as a family and I was surprised that is was not brought back for another season. Probably because there was no violence, sex or drugs, just good wholesome TV. So, sadly, it never came back after the season finale when Meg rode off on the back of a motorcycle with her new bad boy boyfriend.....

We will never know what happened.

They tried it with this show too:
But the fans would not stand for it. They started a peanut campaign (sending tons of peanuts to the network) and forced the network to bring it back. So now we will know what happens to the people of Jericho, Kansas after a nuclear bomb goes off and cuts them off from the rest of the world.
Thank goodness.

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Laurie Anne said...

I also loved American Dreams. It was such a good show.
My mom was a total American Banstand kid and cried when one of the regulars turned 18 and had to leave.
Anyhoo, I was worried that Friday Night Lights was not going to make it either. Again, a sweet show, but it was picked up for another season. What is interesting, I think, is that the writers, thought the show was going to be cancelled so they kind of "tied everything up" so I will be curious where the second season goes.
Did you ever watch HOMEFRONT? Another good show set in post WW2 Ohio. Very interesting and again sweet.