Thursday, August 23, 2007

Day 3 of Va-Ca-Tion!

That is the way Matthew used to say was cute....he was little....

Monday was back to Franklin Institute where we had tickets to see the King Tut pictures from that as they are not allowed...
It was neat...and in the end kind of disappointing since there was no King Tut in the end, just a hologram of his image....bummer...especially since it cost a few $$$ to think you would get more for your money... like a real mummy!
But Matthew has some fun trying on all the masks.... ...and hats.... ...and ended up deciding on this one. He says he is going to wear it to school next week but I don't think he really will!

Then around the institute some more....a skeleton riding a tread mill!

And, of course, Ben!

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