Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Workspace Wednesday

Yup, this is my workspace, this is my desk. It is neutral. I dislike neutral. What is not to like about it you ask? Well, first, the color. I enjoy color! And since I face a corner I see nothing! I have no bulletin board to place family pictures, pretty pictures or anything. I have no pretty flowers or a fish or even a plant! Most of the office is decorated very nicely, exceptionally nice! Except my little corner. I need some ideas on how to make my little space colorful. Fun. Pretty!!! I don't have much room for anything here, and what room I do have is shared on one side. So this is it! Not much to see here, is there? Can you see my monitor? I changed the desktop wallpaper to be blue plaid. That is the most personalizing I have been able to do here. Oh, and a picture of my kids in the mouse pad! My husband gave my a clear standing picture frame, but I don't have it up yet as I have to find just the right picture to put in it! Maybe I can find a pretty calendar and hang it on the wall next to my desk!

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Laurie Anne said...

Have you ever thought of moving your monitor so that it isn't facing the corner? It is bad feng shui to have your back to the room. Just scooting it over so that you can see the rest of the room might make a big difference. I would also suggest making/ getting one of those ribbon bulletin boards. That would make a big color splash and be useful display space as well. Keep us posted :0)