Thursday, July 12, 2007

Oh my friend, Getty!

Took Matthew to see Rush Monday night at Mohegan Sun. It was a great show. You know how some bands just are not good live? Well, Rush is not one of those bands, they put on a great show. They interacted with the audience and really cared about the show you were seeing. Great fun. Late, though. We didn't get home till almost midnight! And I had to work the next morning, so Tuesday I was quite tired. But I would do it again to see the look on my son's face! Priceless!!!!

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Laurie Anne said...

Joji is a big Rush fan. In HS he typed out the lyrics to "Entre' Nous" and gave it to me. I still tease him that the only love letter he "wrote" me was a Rush tune. Glad you had a good time :0)