Monday, July 23, 2007


I was reminded recently of a TV series I just loved. thirtysomething was "my show"! And this was long before I had a VCR let alone a DVR so recording this show was not an option, so I had to make sure that I was home on Tuesday nights so I wouldn't miss it. I felt like my life was running parallel to Hope & Michaels, except that I was 10 years behind them. I wanted the big house (a fixer upper!!!) with a long staircase and a diningroom big enough to hold my large extended family. I cried with Hope when she miscarried, having just experienced the same, and when Gary died. I loved watching them work on their never ending "handyman special" house. And then it was over. I never really felt like the ending was was put together too quickly and characters that I felt I had grown to know were not portrayed as they had been, it left too many questions unanswered.

There is talk of a DVD series, and it will be on my wish list. I would like to visit the Steadmans again. See how Michael and Hope have survived after years of marriage, teenage years with Janey and Leo. See if Nancy and Elliot were able to hold their marriage together, see if Nancy remained cancer free, and see if Melissa ever found love. A reunion would be nice too, to answer those questions. Being the eternal romantic I believe that Michael & Hope are blissfully happy, so are Elliot & Nancy. And did the Steadmans finish working on their house...


Laurie Anne said...

That is too funny :0) What can I say it was a GREAT show. I belonged to a TS discussion group on Yahoo (I know kinda geeky, but it was very interesting) and there was a posting about an interview done with one of the writers that said had the show continued, Hope and Michael would have divorced and the show would have ended with them selling the house to a young couple with a baby.
Anyway, you should check out the yahoo TS group. There are some serious fans there and some really interesting discussions about different episodes.

Jenny said...

That is funny how you and Laurie Anne posted the same thing on the same day!!!