Friday, June 15, 2007

Who's behind the camera?

I read a blog yesterday of a woman who recently lost her young son, a scrapbooker. When she started to scrap pictures of her son she realized that there were only a few pictures with her in them. She urged her readers to please teach someone else to use the camera, buy a tripod, something to make sure that your family pictures include you in them. I thought about that! I love taking pictures of my family and home but rarely am I in the photos. I am making it a mission to make sure that I try to take pictures with my family and friends with myself more so that my memories include me! She said Wal-Mart has a tripod for $15. Since I have a remote for my camera, using a tripod to take a family picture sounds like a really easy solution to my pictureless issue! (You know we all have some of those upclose self portraits that show all the flaws since they are only arm's length away from your face, so you've stop taking those! LOL)

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Kyrene said...

Great work.