Saturday, May 12, 2007


Confirmation went off without a hitch yesterday! Thank goodness. I am loving this new camera so much. I snapped that 1st picture in the church with NO flash from many rows back! It's great, isn't it? And the cake- why it's chocolate filled! Yea, Matthew wanted a chocolate filled cake (not an ice cream cake) and so after many phone calls to many bakeries I found this one at BigY!!! And at a much better price than a regular bakery. And of course, the house was full of family and friends after the service. Matthew made out well in gifts (he got all $$)!! Now I can think about that aweome Mother's Day breakfast tomorrow. And it looks like I am going to be spending it with both of my kids!! Yay!!! And my mother! I made her a neat little gift this year, I will post it tomorrow after breakfast. I got the idea after watching the movie "Spanglish". So, I can hardly wait to see her reaction. And I will be bringing my new camera so that I can take lots of pictures of the family breakfast. A day of pampering for mom! Oh yeah!!!

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