Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Mother's Day and birthday gift

Yep, Dan got me this awesome Nikon D40 and I have been snapping away ever since. He also got me a great lense that lets me get up close (see my new header!!!) without getting fuzzy like my Sony Cybershot did. While the Sony was great to throw in my purse and take along with me I could not get really close up pictures without them becoming fuzzy and that was frustrating! So, Dan went on a search to find me the perfect camera so I could become a world famous photog! And this is what he got me. I took some pictures of my dining room in comparison in the wide angle and boy what a difference! So, now I can take all those pictures that are crying to be taken with my super new special awesome camera that will make me take better pictures!!! Thanks honey! You are the best.

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tracyellen said...

What a fantastic gift! I'm so envious...

I love photography, too, but I'm quite the amateur.