Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Finally KitchenAid sent my new coffee grinder. I have been waiting for weeks and it was supposed to be shipped out the week before last, but it somehow was "forgotten" and then I got it yesterday, boxed the broken one right back up in the box and gave it to the UPS guy at work today!!! I really like the blue. This is called "willow blue" and it really goes a lot better with my kitchen decor than the red did (because the red was a really bright red!!!). This one has all kinds of changes to it that I think make it a better model. And I am so glad to have freshly ground coffee beans for my morning coffee. I was starting to think maybe we should go with a Krups grinder but KitchenAid finally came thru!!! Good thing since I have a ton of KitchenAid appliances and I didn't want to start over!!! And the coffee was sooooooo good this morning!!!

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