Monday, April 09, 2007

Did you see what came in the mail today???

Can you see what they say? No? Hum, let me see if I can give you a clue. I turned my kids on to rock and roll and now my son has a new appreciation for my 70's rock bands....

Never thought I would see the day when I share CD's (never thought I would see the day when I refered to my music as CD's and not ALBUMS!!!!) with my kids, but I do, so I heard these guys were coming to town and I HAD to get tickets and take my son...they are one of my all time favorite rock bands! LOve them still!!! Still don't know...I'll give you a better clue

YES THOSE ARE RUSH TICKETS!!!! Thanks for asking. It's been a while since I've been to a real rock concert. I took Krista to see Backstreet Boys when she was in Middle school and have seen some bands from the 70's like America in the past few years...but Rock 'n's been a while! So, Matthew and I are going to see RUSH!!! Can't hardly wait till July!

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