Thursday, December 08, 2005

Why do kids get sick when you have the most work to do?

It's rhetorical really! I don't really expect anyone can answer that. I have a birthday party here Saturday. That means grocery shopping, floors to wash, a meal to plan, a house to clean, laundry to do, and I was supposed to go to the office today...and then the dreaded call from the school nurse came. "Matthew needs to be picked up, he is sick." Are you kidding me? I just dropped him off at school and there was not a peep about not feeling well, let alone wanting to stay home from school. He could have saved me all that time this morning fighting with him to get up and get dressed and take the dog out for a quick walk, and get to school before he was late, and I was late for work...I could have saved myself all that aggravation and just skipped right to the getting myself dressed and out the door to the office and on with the rest of my day stuff. But now here I am, waiting to pick up his prescription from the pharmacy and making him toast with peanut butter, and I won't make it into the office at all today...and I won't be going to the market for my groceries (thank goodness I have a mini me to do my shopping for me when I can't do it).
On a lighter note, the snowmen fairy visited again last night. No, no he didn't stop in and hide some small snowman in my collection and chuckle to himself as I passed them over and over again and didn't notice the new additions... he left me some snowman, no a family of snow people really, on the lawn. Take a look....

Here they are, all lit up, sledding on the side of my patio. They light up the whole side of my yard. Mind you I have two blow up snowmen in the attic that I have yet to put in the yard this year as we have been so busy with other things we haven't really had a chance and besides I do leave the snowmen out there long after Christmas anyways! They are pretty cute, aren't they? And just in time, as they say we are getting more snow tomorrow and possibly more on Sunday. We are supposed to finally get our tree Sunday which will be nice, to have all the holiday decorating done. Then I can finish shopping, wrapping, Christmas cards, and finally the Christmas cookies...aren't the holidays fun?!?!

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