Monday, December 26, 2005

The aftermath...

Ok, so the big guy has been here and left lots of stuff...and the kids made out like bandits again. Christmas was once again wonderful!! And the return pile is comparably small (2 sweatshirts and a sweater!). The MP3 players are loaded, the cookies are eaten, the wrapping paper is crumpled and in the trash, the piles of presents are searched over and over again and the china is washed and put back in the hutch. Whew!!! Now on to some serious napping! The holiday was great, and the family was blessed. The snowmen have exploded all over the house!!! They are even hanging on the windows now! It is wonderful!!! I hope everyone had a Merry Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

What I've been working on...

I've made 8 of them so far, but I have about 10 more cut out and more then that of the eyes and noses cut out. I love them. I plan to give them out when we visit friends during the holidays, and my friends at work. I think they are the most adorable snowman heads... they do take some time to make, but they are worth it. Maybe I can find a way to alter them for other holidays to. And maybe for next year I can even make enough of the faces to make one of these...

That would look so cute in my snowman house!!!

Monday, December 12, 2005

Ok, so we survived Matthew's 15th birthday party on Saturday (even though I can hardly believe my "baby" is 15 already). So Sunday we planned to go pick out our family Christmas tree. So we all loaded in the truck and went to the tree farm... the kids were less than thrilled to be hiking around the woods to find just the right tree and were far more interested in throwing snowballs at each other (and us!). But finally we found just the right tree!!! Do you think they could smile?!

They were really ready to go home, but I wanted to stop for one more family picture before we left the tree farm (probably because I knew this would most likely be the last year we all would go for the tradition of picking out the family tree, I have a feeling it will be left up to just Dan and I to do this in the future!!)
And it took them about all of 15 minutes each to put all their ornaments on the tree! But it is done now, and that in itself is an accomplishment!!!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Why do kids get sick when you have the most work to do?

It's rhetorical really! I don't really expect anyone can answer that. I have a birthday party here Saturday. That means grocery shopping, floors to wash, a meal to plan, a house to clean, laundry to do, and I was supposed to go to the office today...and then the dreaded call from the school nurse came. "Matthew needs to be picked up, he is sick." Are you kidding me? I just dropped him off at school and there was not a peep about not feeling well, let alone wanting to stay home from school. He could have saved me all that time this morning fighting with him to get up and get dressed and take the dog out for a quick walk, and get to school before he was late, and I was late for work...I could have saved myself all that aggravation and just skipped right to the getting myself dressed and out the door to the office and on with the rest of my day stuff. But now here I am, waiting to pick up his prescription from the pharmacy and making him toast with peanut butter, and I won't make it into the office at all today...and I won't be going to the market for my groceries (thank goodness I have a mini me to do my shopping for me when I can't do it).
On a lighter note, the snowmen fairy visited again last night. No, no he didn't stop in and hide some small snowman in my collection and chuckle to himself as I passed them over and over again and didn't notice the new additions... he left me some snowman, no a family of snow people really, on the lawn. Take a look....

Here they are, all lit up, sledding on the side of my patio. They light up the whole side of my yard. Mind you I have two blow up snowmen in the attic that I have yet to put in the yard this year as we have been so busy with other things we haven't really had a chance and besides I do leave the snowmen out there long after Christmas anyways! They are pretty cute, aren't they? And just in time, as they say we are getting more snow tomorrow and possibly more on Sunday. We are supposed to finally get our tree Sunday which will be nice, to have all the holiday decorating done. Then I can finish shopping, wrapping, Christmas cards, and finally the Christmas cookies...aren't the holidays fun?!?!

Monday, December 05, 2005

My new houseguest.....

This is our new houseguest!!! He arrived over the weekend with our first snowfall. He is quite large, isn't he? My husband, Dan, has been sneaking snowmen into my collection for years now. They just appear with the rest of the collection like they were always there. Except for this guy. He was too large to sneak in anywhere. He was sitting here at my dining room table Saturday morning like he was always part of the family. And just as he arrived, Sunday morning we were blanketed with our first snowfall. It was beautiful. I adore the snow...hence my love of snowmen...and so my new houseguest has a prize seat at the table. That is until we need it for a family dinner and then that seat belongs to Papa...sorry Buster!!!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

It's beginning to look a lot like least in a small part of the house

Over the years we have been together my husband has surprised me with several snowmen. I just love snowmen!!! I had sooo many snowmen ornaments that I was able to have this skinny primitive tree in my dining room with just snowmen ornaments on it. Notice my snowman angel on the top? I have literally filled every branch of this tree with a snowman! But I love it. Last year he bought me these tiny icicle lights and they go perfect on this skinny tree. Now, my dining room is just about ready to celebrate the holidays. Just need to add my window candles and some greenery and I'm done in here!!! It really is the most wonderful time of the year!!! Now if we could just have some nice weather...maybe a flurry or two. It's time to get the bird feeders out to feed our feathered friends...I love to bird watch in the winter. The colors of their feathers looks so vibrant!!!